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DEWALT DCGG570B 18V Cordless Grease GunDEWALT DCGG570B 18V Cordless Grease GunCheck PriceDEWALT DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease Gun KitDEWALT DCGG570K 18V Cordless Grease Gun KitCheck PriceLincoln Lubrication 1844 18 Volt Cordless Grease Gun with 2 BatteriesLincoln Lubrication 1844 18 Volt Cordless Grease Gun with 2 BatteriesCheck PriceLincoln Lubrication 1842 18V Powerluber Grease Gun Kit with 1 BatteryLincoln Lubrication 1842 18V Powerluber Grease Gun Kit with 1 BatteryCheck PriceMilwaukee 2646-20 M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun (Bare Tool)Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun (Bare Tool)Check PriceMilwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun KitMilwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun KitCheck PriceAmpro T80275 18-Volt Cordless Grease GunAmpro T80275 18-Volt Cordless Grease GunCheck Price


Cordless Battery Powered Grease Guns No Longer Only For The Professional

If you take a moment and think about technology, there is a migration pattern that is true for all products, cordless battery powered grease guns among them. The computer for example, has gone from multi-million dollar room sized devises, uses only by large corporations and government entities, to ubiquitous hand held devices that even small children can use easily. In the hand tool realm, there is a similar pattern.

The move from manual powered drills to electric drills was first made by manufacturing plants and trade professionals. Soon almost every home owned a power drill. The move to battery power tools was the same.

First the professional adopted the technology, then the amateur. In recent years, grease guns have lost their mechanical pumping devices in favor of a motor powered by a battery. Like with other technological advances battery powered grease guns were adapted by heavy users. Fleets, large farms, and large manufacturing plants were some of the early adapters to this technology.

The time saved by using these cordless grease guns was incredible. Not only that, worker moral was improved as the heavy work of generating pressure by muscle power was replaced with the almost effortless press of a button. The price of these was high enough to keep the casual user out of the market. For those that lube their own cars or few pieces of farm equipment, the cost of cordless battery powered guns was too great to make sense for them to purchase.

Like the other technologies above, that has changed for cordless grease guns. This product group is mature enough and there is enough competition that prices are affordable for the most casual user. How many people have a battery powered drill and use it only a few times per year? They have the drill so the WHEN they need it, it is there and it makes the job easy. The same is true for cordless battery powered grease guns. It is easy to find them on the internet at good prices and sometimes with free shipping. There are many generic imported models of dubious quality and warranty. Article Source: https://EzineArticles. com/6043410



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